December 15, 2020

I’ve read a few threads on holiday cards and greeting cards in general and some of the comments kind of bother me. Since we know I’m not one to keep my mouth shut, here’s my two cents:

You work with a demographic of people who grew up in a time where old school manners and etiquette mattered and was required. Things like Hand writtten notes, flowers, holding doors open, etc.

Sending cards is ABOUT THE OTHER PERSON. It’s relating to them and wishing them whatever sentiment is called for. So if you are going to send them, plan it. Take the time to sign them. Write a note. I have signed up to 2,500 cards for the holidays and I make sure to use blue ink. It matters.

Sending cards using a service, a photo of your signature or a stamp is as impersonal as it gets. Your card now becomes a marketing piece that someone you don’t know sends as a mass mailing. I hear comments about “but Amanda, I’m so busy! I don’t have time for that.” Excuse me, you have time. Last time I checked, the holidays come every year. This means you have 12 months to make it happen.

Everyone is always asking about how to grow their business and how find leads and yet they overlook the simplest things that matter the most. I have taught agents for years on building their businesses and practice what I preach. I start planning “holiday” in August so I have enough time. If you do Medicare and do it well, hell if you do ANY kind of sales business....never ever forget that it’s about the relationship and the OTHER person. Every successful businessperson I know lives by this.



October 31, 2020

To the agents who are having a hard time this season:

I have been in the Medicare world for 15 years and worked with thousands of agents. Here’s a few questions and suggestions:

1. Did you have a business plan? What about a marketing plan? This is a MUST to be successful. See my marketing post for more detail.

2. Are you doing retail? What is on your table? Assess your body language. Are you approachable? Always with a smile? Are you engaging in conversation about anything BUT pitching product? Do you have candy or something appealing at your table to gain their interest?

3. What about mailings? They had to be done after 10/1 to mention 2021 AEP so November timing is correct. Next time, prime the pump beforehand and do one in September also. Multiple hits on any kind of marketing does better than single hits.

4. What networking have you done? Have you done a brainstorming activity to figure out where to best target?

5. STOP comparing yourself to others and get out of your head!!! YOU CAN DO THIS! Medicare is all about consistency and relatability. Each day look at what you can do better and make slight shifts.

I am happy to help anyone that messages me. Assuming that first year you will do over 100 without having an existing base to work from isn’t realistic. It can be done but most their first year do about 50. We have about 40 days left. Studies show most shop in November. It will be ok.



October 25, 2020

Hi! I’m seeing a common question floating around about buying leads and marketing. Here’s my two cents on it:

1. Do you have a marketing plan? If not, start with answering these questions. WHO do you want to market to? This answer is more that just all Medicare beneficiaries. Next, WHERE do you want to market? I teach a bullseye approach because seniors like local and consistent. Pick 2-3 counties and start there. Next, HOW are you marketing? I teach a 3 prong approach - print, online and community. (I teach multiple free courses on these subjects and will start again in January) Last, WHY YOU? What makes you different and why should someone choose you over the guy down the street?

2. Once you have this figured out AND written down, refer to it often so you never lose sight of it. Consistency is key. Most don’t have the patience to understand that and get frustrated.

3. You can make money and not have a “used car salesman” mentality. Learn who your customer is, what matters to them, and their buying habits. If you work in the Senior population, they are used to old school manners and etiquette. Use it. Showing that you can relate on this level will work wonders for you. Next, make it about them and not about “what’s in it for you” capture this concept and your referral will increase as well as your cross sell capabilities.

I can talk/teach for days on this and have....but I hope this helps the you. If you have questions, I’m here to help. Just ask.