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A: The main reason agents partner with me is because of the training and coaching. So, it starts with licensing and contracting. I walk you through the process. Then we set up a time to discuss your goals and start to develop a plan. I run as fast as you do and it’s my job to help get you to where you want to be. If it takes you 3 months to move forward, that’s fine. If it takes you 30 mins, that’s fine too. Ultimately, I empower you to run your business as you need to and support you along the way providing the education and tools.
A: My partners are TLC Insurance Group and Wealth, and Jack Schroeder & Associates. I have several GAs in my downline also.
A: Correct. I don’t touch your money. Whenever contractually possible, money is paid by the carrier. If the carrier doesn’t allow that, then it is paid by either JSA or TLC.
A: NO. I am grateful for what lines you choose to put with me. Again, it’s your business so I want you to have total control and do what’s best for for you. Some like to have it all in one place as it’s an easier way to submit business, deal with customer and commission issues, and work on marketing. Others choose to split between uplines. I’m good with whatever works for you.
A: I only want to partner with those that want to work with me. If an agent asks for a release, it is granted immediately.
A: Yes I do! It’s called My HealthPlan or MHP, it is a Connecture platform that full functionality to load prospects, keep notes, add medications, run quotes, text/email Scopes of Appointments and Applications. It will allow you to see all available plans on the market in a county. You can only enroll the ones you are licensed and appointed with under me.
A: I help you put together a solid marketing plan. Then I work to find marketing funding through various channels and opportunities. JSA, TLC, Medicare Answers Now and the carriers offer marketing incentives and opportunities.
A: Currently, I offer coop based on your Lock-in and AEP marketing plans and past production history. Then we also take advantage of the programs that are offered by TLC and JSA. So it isn’t after a set amount of production, it’s based on your plan. This allows my “New Kid” agents to get a start also.
A: You have access to downloading lists for people 64 1/4 and up based on county(s) or zip code (s)
A: You can pull the lists as often as you want.
A: It is not scrubbed against the DNC registry
A: It does not contain phone numbers just addresses.
A: We have a partnership with Vistaprint. The items found in the ProShop are at a high volume discount. They do not have fulfillment capability but I have mail houses that can mail on your behalf if needed. I also have a list of preferred vendors for pretty much any type of business need you have.
A: I have a unique style with developing agents that has a proven 15 year record of success. I have and continue to partner with agents/agencies of all levels. I promote a collaborative environment for you to learn from your peers and from me. If you’re looking to grow personally and professionally, I can help you get to where you want to be on your timeline.
A: I’m known for being pretty direct and having a close ear for what agent needs are being voiced, then shifting to accommodate. I also don’t view it as “work.” We don’t work together. We partner.

I never lose sight of the fact that the agent has choice. I empower that choice with education and put all options on the table. It’s up to you to make the decision that best fits your needs, and not worry about what “angle” your partners may or may not be working. I would rather that you have the opportunity and knowledge and say “this isn’t for me or this works” than have you have a regret or feel like you didn’t have the entire picture of options. So, I give it all to you.
A: I would love to work with you and get to know you better regardless of if you choose to partner with my agency or not. The best way to help me is to let others know what pieces of my content, classes, events, etc. you enjoyed and found useful. The majority of my partners come from referrals from agents or from agents attending one of my events. This is why they are all open door and free. I do appreciate you asking. It’s very seldom that someone takes the time to ask. So thank you!